LaunchCats is a co-curricular student organization focused on identifying problems, proposing solutions, and launching ventures. LaunchCats was created as a student organization in Fall 2015 for Montana State University students. We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurial students striving to change the landscape of entrepreneurship in Montana and beyond. 




Learn By Doing

LaunchCats events are all centered around engaging students in design thinking and 360 degree mentorship to redefine the "classroom setting". Our entry level events, Good Company Workshops, lets students work with interesting individuals, to solve real world problems.  In addition our Launch|24 events let students work with multi-disciplinary teams of students and members of the community to build real world products.


Entrepreneurship Support

LaunchCats consists of a network of skilled individuals who are willing to help and give feedback to emerging ventures. We love talking with people about how to make following their dreams a viable business. Our partnership with the MSU Blackstone Launchpad makes it possible to provide continued support to ventures as they progress past the idea stage and start executing on their plans.





The LaunchCats is a club of doers consisting of members from every college at Montana State University.  We provide programming for students of all disciplines and need people of all kinds of expertise to make what we do a reality.  As a non business member of LaunchCats you will be highly sought after for your skills and along the way, understand how the business of startups works.

Students face a lack of access to a forward thinking network of entrepreneurial individuals. Although academic classes exist, hypothetical solutions are inadequate. Today's students seek an education revolution allowing them freedom of creativity and real world execution.  By creating a student network focused on solving real problems, the LaunchCats identify viable solutions through a series of workshops and entertainment avenues. Talented individuals, from unique disciplines, collaborate to recognize one another and develop empathetic partnerships through creativity.