Every effort marketers make to break through the clutter of other advertising is just more clutter. Because of today’s relentless advertising impression, culture has become clutter. Marketing is nothing but persuasion in an oversaturated industry in which consumers are no longer engaged.

As the Internet’s platform for free enterprise and infinite differentiated markets makes strategically targeting consumers difficult, marketers must fill the void. Traditional marketing such as TV ads, print and radio are no longer effective, but we all know this. Marketers are paying more to reach less. Additionally, consumers have become suspicious of advertising motives and no longer trust marketing messages. What does all this mean? How can we interpret todays advertising phenomena? What was once a simple diligence is now abstract and subliminal. Advertising has become the psychology of tapping into a diluted culture and the question is: how can we continually stimulate the over stimulated?

Marketers must create something that communicates on a level different than a logical level. Whether this is by means of images, video, or other messaging forms, brands that can move to the emotional level of affecting consumers’ feelings create loyalty. Fill the void of a needed identity. When consumers feel a part of an organization, cause, or movement, brands become personality traits. Individuals represent themselves through brands and their meaning. Human nature has a need for belonging and by inflicting emotions to group consumers, advertising can create loyalty and personal connections that subliminally develop far beyond surface persuasion.  

What is the balance of repetition versus over exhausting marketing communications? At the end of the day a brand wants to change culture. Coincidentally, once a culture is advertising friendly, it ceases to be a culture anymore. The persuasion industry must deter from marketing through advertising. Change advertising into entertainment. Where this fails is when entertainment becomes advertising. Undersell and overcommit. As marketing professionals, these pain points and concerns are what drive the passion of persuasion. Asking questions and developing solutions to ever changing market trends keeps marketing interesting. There are no rules in an abstract industry. 

- Sam Lucas