The LaunchCat organization is sponsored by both the Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship and the MSU Blackstone LaunchPad. Our club is considered to be the student thread of both these organizations and expected to maximize student engagement at Montana State University. Having the support and foundation of our sponsors allows our club to reach unlimited potential. The value proposition: raise awareness and engage the greater MSU student body in a co-curricular environment inspiring entrepreneurial action. 

In a university setting, it can be tricky to acquire the 20 second attention span of college students. Often, students are not looking to the school for more ways to learn and engage themselves but rather looking for ways to get away from the education system. How do we instill motivation in students to own their education and look for opportunities? This would be our first idea to tackle. We must make education cool and we are working toward this goal by featuring young entrepreneurs in the community, having live music, and showcasing student art. This is all great except for the fact that people aren’t paying attention to posters or emails promoting this. The awareness is there, although, it could be better outside of the business school. The engagement is also there but could be much better. It comes down to the numbers we present to our sponsors to keep them happy. They want high attendance that keeps getting better every time. By reaching one benchmark, then the next a little bit higher, etc. This is also great as we are forced to grow and find ways to stay successful.

We have three customers we are servicing adding variables to the value proposition. The local entrepreneurs we feature want to see high attendance also in addition to receiving great feedback and intelligent ideas they can implement. This is why they are here in the first place. We are also serving our students. They are expecting to have a fun time and not a waste of their time. Why stay at school to learn and interact more after their school day is over. And lastly, our sponsors. Three different custiomers each of a different demographic and desire. They do each share values as the success of one only benefits the success of the other. For example, by having high attendance, attendees feel like they are a part of something great even if it isn’t.

As we continue looking for ways to engage students, the hardest part is actually making the event happen. Managing logistics is incredibly important and time consuming. Is everyone on the same page at all times? LaunchCats future depends on consistently developing leaders to take charge and create. We are here to stay and change the way education and more so, the network of co-curricular MSU students, collaborate. With entrepreneurial endeavors continuing to change the landscape of society, raising awareness and engaging others will build community and economic value for our city, state and nation. This club is much bigger than group of students seeking extra curricular activity.