As I ascended the stairs, I looked over and saw the innovation Lab in Jabs Hall. The space started to feel even more open to free flowing ideas and thoughts as one of the glass walls had been completely retracted, exposing the room to the large central space of the building. Papu Rincon of 406, a lifestyle and apparel company based in Helena, was the featured guest for the night. The evening opened much more slowly than previous events, with a wanderer or two entering the room occasionally. Despite the lower level of buzz, the room began to fill with interested and engaged students who wanted to find out about Papu’s company. The evening progressed with Papu giving us a story relating some of his challenges as an entrepreneur and remain loyal to his ideas for a Montana lifestyle. He related to us some wisdom like, “My personal brand isn’t just about what I do” and “you can grow and scale without becoming generic and noisy.” He shared a story of the cell phone industry and how it began. He said we can barely imagine not having cameras on our cell phones now, but that was a simple innovation to something already existing that added huge amounts of value. The discussion continued with his challenge to us to discover our own personal brand. The idea was to discuss questions relating to who you are, how you want to be seen and what kind of image of yourself do you want others to see. I broke off with a friend and we pondered these questions in a great discussion about our personal values and beliefs. Finally, we came together and shared some of the insight we had gleaned from the experience. The evening closed out with some delicious pizza and stimulating conversation. This Good Company felt more intimate than the others and really helped each of us develop more understanding of ourselves. An all around success.