Grand Prize - $500

Best Entertainment Prize - $200

Best Service Prize- $200


Judging will be based on a variety of factors, however, for the purposes of assigning scores we will be breaking down each project into two main categories, entertainment projects and services projects.  Entertainment projects are any project that is built for the purposes of entertainment such as games, virtual reality, or simulations/simulators.  Services projects solve a problem or serve a functional purpose.  Most apps, websites, and programs fit into this category.

These projects will be scored based on these factors:

User Experience - 10pts

How easy is it to understand how to use your product without the need for a member of your team to explain it to the judge.

Graphics (For Entertainment) / Frontend UI (For Services) - 10pts

Your project will be judged base on its appearance, style, color palette etc.

Innovative - 10pts

How innovative is the solution to the problem your project is solving / your project's gameplay or simulation.

Game Design (For Entertainment) / Solution to Pain Point (For Services) - 10pts

Your product will be judged based on the implementation of your solution to the problem / gameplay or simulation.

Technical Difficulty - 10 pts

Your project will be judged based on how impressive the tech you have implemented in your product is.

Completeness - 30pts

Your project will be judged based on how complete your product is, this can range from, still an idea (0pts) to ready to ship (30pts).  A big part of this competition is getting your project to a demoable state.

Scores will be assigned 0 - 10 (30 in the case of Completeness) in each category and added up to equal your project's final score.  The team with the highest score will win the grand prize. The highest score in the services and entertainment categories will win the other two prizes respectively.  The team that wins the Grand Prize is not eligible to win the Best Service or Best Entertainment prize.  

As always with any questions please email: