you have 24 hours...

Teams of 3-5 will have 24 hours to build a prototype app, game, or website.  With three meals provided throughout, one on one support from local mentors, and numerous prizes, this is not an event you want to miss out on.  Code 24 will take place on January 27th 11am - January 28th 1pm.


Event timeline

The third annual Code|24 will take place on January 27th and 28th.  The event will kick off at 11 am with teams setting up their work-spaces and planning out the project they will be working on.  Teams are not allowed to start building their product until coding starts at noon.  From noon on Saturday through noon on Sunday teams are free to work on their project, the event then wraps up with an hour of judging.


Who Should Come  This event is open to everyone and provides incredibly beneficial experience to anyone interested in programming, no matter their experience. That being said, computer science majors, graphic designers, business majors, and anyone experienced with coding are necessary for this event.

Project Planning  The event will start with one hour of planning and ideation for each team's prototype idea.  This will allow solo contestants to find teams, and give everyone on your existing team a better idea of how you will go about building your prototype.

Demo to Judges Teams will return to the common area at 12PM on Sunday and demonstrate what they built to the other teams and our panel of judges.

Coding Starts  Your team will now have 24 hours to build a prototype app, game, or website.  By 12PM on Saturday, teams will begin coding.


Assemble your team

Teams consist of 3-5 students; the exact composition is up to you.  Try to sign up with your team already assembled, but don't worry; if you sign up solo, there will be plenty of interesting teams for you to join and Launchcats/ACM will help you find the team that is the best fit.

Super Support

Building prototypes is hard work, but you wont have to face it alone.  Throughout the event professional mentors from around the community will be dropping by to see your progress and help find solutions to any problems you may be having.


What to build

Prototypes are expected to be complex enough to fill the time window but simple enough for the team to have made significant progress by the end of the event.  Some teams may choose products that take much longer than 24 hours to complete, but will still be expected to be able to demonstrate the core functionality of the product at the end of the event.  

For example, a team isn't expected to finish all the levels necessary for a full length video game, but they could build a demo level that demonstrates all the mechanics the full game would use.  A team building a messenger app doesn't need to have all the flashy UI and animations, but the core messaging service needs to be functional.

In addition we will be adding in project prompts for teams that want a more focused challenge or are having trouble figuring out exactly what to build.  These projects have been proposed by local businesses and are a great way to demonstrate your mastery of a subject or show an interesting spin on how the proposed end product could function.


What to bring

You'll be required to bring your own computer.  A sleeping bag, and a toothbrush is strongly recommended.

Food Fuel

For long hauls like these you need to stay fueled.  Code|24 will be providing 3 meals catered by MSU Catering.  In addition some snacks and drinks will be provided, however we recommend you bring some snacks of your own to help you stay in the zone.



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