MSU Business Pitch Competition


You have 24 hours...

Join us on April 22nd at 11am in Jabs Hall teams of 3-5 will have 24 hours to build a prototype app, game, or website.  With three meals provided throughout, one on one support from local mentors, and a prizes at the end, this is not an event you want to miss out on.




Teams consist of 3-5 students; the exact composition is up to you.  Try to sign up with your team already assembled, but don't worry; if you sign up solo, we’ll find you an interesting team to work with.


For long hauls you need tons of power, and Code|24 can provide.  We will have free meals, snacks and drinks brought in throughout the event so that you can stay in the zone.  


You’ll be required to bring your own computer, and a sleeping bag is strongly recommended.


Building prototypes is hard work, but you won’t have to face it alone.  Throughout the event, professional mentors from around the community will be dropping by to see your prototype and help find solutions to any problems you may be having.


Prototypes are expected to be complex enough to fill the time window but simple enough for the team to finish.  Some teams may choose products that take much longer than 23 hours to finish, but everyone expected to complete the central functionality of the product.  


For example, a team isn’t expected to build all the levels necessary for a full length video game, but they could build a demo level that demonstrates all the mechanics the full game would use.  A team building a messenger app doesn't need to have all the flashy UI and animations completed, but the core messaging service needs to be implemented by the end.


The prizes have not been announced yet but we promise you they will be awesome!


Friday April 8th 5pm - Saturday April 9th 6pm


Planning & Ideation  The event will start with an hour of planning and ideation for each team’s prototype idea.  This will allow solo contestants to find teams, and give everyone on your existing team a better idea of how you will go about building your prototype.

Judging Teams will return to the common area where they will demo their prototype to our panel of judges and the other teams.

Coding Starts Next is the fun part; twenty three hours of building the prototype.  You will have until 5pm on Saturday to finish what you started.


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