Code|24 Mentorship

Thank you for your interest in helping mentor MSU Computer Science students at the second annual Code|24 event put on by MSU's LaunchCats. We are excited that you are interested in being a part of this awesome opportunity and we are appreciative of the time commitment you have allocated toward helping students on their projects.

Code|24 is a twenty four hour hackathon style event where students are tasked with building a prototype of an app, game, or website.  Last year we had eleven teams compete with ten prototypes demoed to our panel of judges at the end of the event.  

This year Code|24 will start on Saturday October 8th, at 11am.  We will start with one hour of planning, ideation, and team building for each team's prototype idea. This will allow solo contestants to find teams, and give everyone on existing teams a better idea of how they will go about building their prototype. This will be followed by 24 hours of building the prototypes and at noon on Sunday teams will demo the projects they have created.

This year we will be expanding our mentorship program to allow mentors to spend as much time at the event allowing them to work closely with teams .  We ask that mentors, while they are allowed to code and contribute to teams, they do it in a way that helps the students learn best practices, new tools, new techniques, and their specific expertise in a certain area.

If you will be taking part in the event we are very excited to have you on board.  Please signup below so that we know when you will be arriving and can effectively coordinate with our other mentors.  

If you would like more info about the event you can read about it here!

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Event Location

Jabs Hall, S 8th Ave, Bozeman, MT 59717