Write a program that takes advantage of either the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant API in order to read back key details and generated statistics from a large dataset. This program should take as input natural language questions and return answers in a way that is easy for the average consumer to understand.  

Potential Areas of Focus:

Using this Open dataset from Major League Baseball: 


1. Create a program that when asked about "How a certain MLB game went", reads back plays from the box score.  

2. Create a program that filters out less significant plays and provides a natural language recap that zooms in on scoring plays with the context of inning and score.

3. Create a program that, when asked about a certain player, finds outstanding stats, or records that that player holds, as well as how they are doing in their current season.

Create your own:

Think about different questions users could ask: 

"Who did well on my fantasy team today"

"How did Chris Sale pitch today?"

"How did Mike Trout play today?"

"Show me highlights from the Yankees game." (brings up clips of highlights from the game)