Sola Café is one of Bozeman, Montana’s best restaurants, bakeries, and coffee houses serving locally-sourced and seasonally-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as locally-roasted coffee and espresso. Recently they have expanded to develop a Sola Jabs Hall location at Montana State University to serve the MSU community.

Our challenge:

How do we market Sola Jabs Hall to the greater MSU student body to increase awareness and engagement? 

  • What in your mind are Sola's selling points?
  • What motivates you to go eat somewhere?
  • What things would make you go more often?


Good Company featuring Tate Chamberlin

Chamberlin Productions is moving forward using a dynamic group of students, volunteers, businesses and artists to further the community in appreciation and involvement with the arts. With current events including Rail Jam, Interchange, Avalaunch and Moods on the Madison, Chamberlin Productions is focused on what's next.

We are challenged with designing the next Chamberlin Productions event at the intersection of Music, Entrepreneurship and Design.

Things to think about...

  • Engaging & Interactive
  • Creative & Unique
  • Collaborative & educational
  • Entertaining 

Good Company featuring Jeff Riggs


Clark’s Fork is currently a breakfast and lunch restaurant interested in breaking into the dinner market.  They are considering starting a subscription based dinner service for their customers.  We are challenged with designing the process for maximum effectiveness.

  • Subscription (Web, App, E-mail, Walk-ins, Phone, etc.)
  • Action (Delivery, Pickup, Dine in, etc.)
  • Menu (limited, pre-selected, full menu, etc.)
  • Frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)

Good Company featuring Chad Zeitner & Jeremy Gregory


Montucky Cold Snacks (MCS) is a light lager company distributed throughout Montana, Washington, and Oregon. MCS competes on price with large domestics such as PBR, Rainier, and Rolling Rock.

Currently, MCS focuses most of it's marketing on outdoor culture and their ‘8% Back to Local Causes’ pledge. Recently, MCS has began to realize that their appeal may be coming from the bright, fun, elements associated with their branding. MCS is owned by two young locals with limited market funding.

  • In your mind what are the selling points of the brand?
  • What is the most effective way to reinforce what you perceive to be the main selling point(s) through marketing?
  • What new and innovative ways can we implement to engage our target market?