The competition

In this fast-paced, "chopped-style" competition you and your team have less than 24 hours to invent and market a new food product. You'll be given access to a pantry of raw ingredients, a shopping budget for additional ingredients, a full kitchen, and the tools needed to print your own labels and package your creation. What's more, you'll be joined by various professional chefs, nutrition experts, restaurant owners, designers, and food industry aficionados from the Bozeman community. 

Who is this competition for? Budding chefs, rapid designers, marketers, food entrepreneurs, graphic designers, nutritionists, and anyone with an interest in food and invention.


Due to limited space, you must apply via the form below to be accepted into the competition.





The competition schedule:

Friday April 7th, Cheever Hall

6pm - Competition kick-off / Challenge revealed

7pm - Form teams

7:30pm - 9pm - Dinner & facilitated ideation session


Saturday April 8th, Herrick Hall Foods Lab, r00m 120

9am - 9:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - 12pm - Cooking / Prototyping Session #1

12pm - 1pm - Lunch (prepared by one of our guest chefs)

1pm - 4:30pm - Cooking / Prototyping Session #2

4:30pm - 5:30pm - Final Sprint / Prep presentations

5:30 pm - Live pitches to judge panel (free and open to the public)  - CHEEVER HALL

6:30 pm - Reception / Light appetizers




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Cooking, baking, nutrition, agriculture, marketing, creative brainstorming / ideation, graphic design, etc... No worries if you don't have a ton of experience in any of these areas! A curiosity and desire to contribute is what we're looking for.
You can keep it brief.
We can't promise it will happen, but we'll try.



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