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Good Company:

w/ Robin Blazer from Willie's Distillery

Wednesday NOVEMBER 30th, 5-7 PM, at Room 207 Jabs Hall

Good Company is here again, and this time we're using the combined brainpower of the LaunchCats to help Willie's Distillery solve one of their most immediate issues.

Willie's Distillery, founded by Willie and Robin Blazer in 2012, is located in Ennis, Montana. Their mission is to make world class spirits for world class individuals. Willie's Distillery currently distributes to 7 different states and promotes their spirits through the radio, the television, in magazines and through social media. The problem is that they do not know if their current marketing dollars are being spent in the right places, and if their strategy is bringing in the amount of customers that it could be if they were to use other channels.

Our challenge is to figure out the best way to spend the Distillery's marketing dollars, and to find new channels that will give Willie's the largest return on their investment. We also want to come up with a way to measure the success of these marketing campaigns so Willie and Robin will know if they are working.

Obviously this Good Company is marketing focused, however the best solutions nearly always result from bringing together individuals with unique perspectives and backgrounds. So even if you're no marketing wizard, we'd love to have you there.

Please let us know if you're planning to join us by signing up here.

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