Join the LaunchCats Leadership


Some of the current LaunchCats leaders will be gone next year, which means there's a big opportunity for others to get involved and steer the direction of the club. 

Why become a part of the LaunchCats leadership?

- You have the power to make cool stuff happen. LaunchCats has the backing of JJCBE and the LaunchPad, which means if you have a new idea for an entrepreneurial-related event, there's nothing stopping you from making it a reality.

- It's an opportunity to get to know Bozeman's top business owners, creators, entrepreneurs, and community builders. How? We include these type of people in nearly every event we do, and you're the one they interface with.

- It's a great resume builder. You could be the person responsible for creating 24-hour food innovation competition, a workshop series, or anything else you can think up.


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